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Why Body Contouring/EMS Sculpt

Let's face it, getting into shape is a common goal shared by all of us. Whether it be running on the treadmill, lifting weights or cutting calories, we all desire to look great and feel great. However, we often fail to see the optimal and sustaining results from our efforts, which causes frustration. From stubborn belly fat to even flat buttocks despite thousands of squats and sit-ups.

This is where EMS Sculpting and Body Contouring comes in. This non-invasive treatment currently is designed to burn fat and build muscle using electromagnetic energy. With zero recovery or downtime required, say hello to quick 30-minute EMS Sculpt sessions. The involuntary contractions of the target muscle caused by the electromagnetic energy from the machine, forces it to overload and work faster than the human brain can achieve. One 30-minute session can replicate the effects of 20,000 crunches. That's more than your average workout produces! Even with the large quantity of muscle contractions, this treatment requires no downtime. Because the subsequent forced release of lactic acid after every treatment cycle, allowing the body to eliminate the buildup of lactic acid associated with exercise.

Some key results that EMS Sculpt and Body Contouring achieves:

  • 12% increase in muscle mass

  • 17% reduction in subcutaneous fat

  • 20% reduction in subcutaneous fat

  • reduction in waist measurement

  • satisfaction with treatment results

  • reduction in the fat layer

Our results speak for themselves. Schedule your free consultation today. Call 561-961-9419

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